Man Behind The Lens

Photo Credit: Darwin Alberto

The Portrait Artist - Josh Carty

A little glimpse into my life... 

As a young boy, my introduction to the artistry of photography began with a 35mm Canon film camera. Jump ahead to my first year of college, I took a photographic class where only film cameras with black and white film were allowed and we had to process our own film in a darkroom. It furthered my love and appreciation of photography as we weren’t able to see each image as we took them, but rather had to fill the roll of film and then process each and every image by hand. At one point during the darkroom process, your image would suddenly appear on the photo paper revealing your image. As each image was slowly processed, I was both excited to see my image and nervous as to whether I’d captured the moment and lighting well. Learning this process gave me a better understanding to another aspect in creating art through photography. Furthermore, it has helped me appreciate the fact that there is a lot more to photographic artistry than just pushing a button on your camera and taking a picture.

From the time I bought my first camera, I’ve taken my camera with me on all of trips, allowing me the joy of photographing people across the U.S. and Central America. As I have continued to developed my photographic art and personal style, I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from many different photographers and other artists across my travels. My growth has also allowed me the opportunity and pleasure of being published in a gazette and magazine, placing in the top of photography competitions, and having portraits displayed in art galleries. 

I will continue my passion of portrait art, and I am captivated by the relationships and emotions experienced by everyday people as we create their portrait.


Why would I choose photographic artistry in this day and age?  

Simple, I love using a camera and portraits to record relationships and emotions of God’s creation that will last a lifetime. As the great Ansel Adams said, “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” Emotions of fatherly love and happiness captured in a moment for a lifetime – a single tear running down the father of the bride’s face as he lovely kisses his daughter on the head before giving her hand to the beaming groom. Growth of a family with the addition of another child – a mother tenderly holding her growing belly as the father wraps his arms around her and her belly in his strong and gentle arms. Bonds of family’s relationships continuing to grow together – enjoying the fleeting moments together in laughter in one household before older children begin their own careers and families. Love and commitment of a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage – the adoration of one another as they gaze into each other’s eyes that has not been dampened by years of life. Relationships and emotions of God’s creation recorded in portraits that will last for many years to come.

Over the years, I have watched photography evolve from black and white film cameras to smart phones with camera in everyone’s hands. As the digital age has boomed, billions of images are captured everyday all across this world and shared via the internet in all forms of social media and online galleries. In today’s world, images can be captured and shared almost instantaneously, which is a great, but is only enjoyed for the same duration of time. Although we love seeing all of these images, they can’t replace well thought out portraits by an experienced professional that records more than just an instantaneous moment. As a portrait artist, I capture timeless portraits not only revealing a photographic moment, but the very essence of my subject in that moment.


If you feel as I do...